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Codes and Traces

  with Gerd Maul, Scientist, Wistar Institute

   University City Science Center, 1995

An exhibition of beach photographs of 'found images' in the sand by Gerd Maul, and sculpture inspired by the poetry of A.R. Ammons.  All poems from The Selected Poems, 1951-1977, published by W. W. Norton and Company, used with permission of A. R. Ammons.  Titles are shared with specific poems of the same name.

    I said I will find what is lowly

Silkscreen on sandpaper, Cadillac seatbelt buckle, edition of three



     Perpherially the ocean

Bathtub, carved wooden boats, electron microscope images

    Taking root in windy sand

Assembled glass electron microscope negatives (photographed by Gerd Maul)

   Consistencies Rise

Test tubes, cast soap hands


Cast plant specimen, sandpaper, envelope 


Custom watch face. 

In memorium, for an enthusiastic collaborator and kindred spirit in a passion for both art and science:


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